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Zimbabwe Bearings Private Limited (Zimbabwe Bearings) commenced operating in Harare, Zimbabwe , on 5 May 1981, importing its requirements for roller bearings mainly from Germany. In 1982, Zimbabwe Bearings entered into an Authorised Distributorship Agreement with the world-renowned, FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schafer of Schweinfurt, Germany; for the distribution of FAG roller bearings in Zimbabwe, earning a listing on the ‘FAG Service on Five Continents’. The importation of roller bearings from FAG continued until the supplier changed its name to FAG/INA, its newly assumed name after re-organisation of the group in Germany.


To be the roller bearing supplier of first choice, giving an excellent and friendly service to all customers within the whole COMESA and SADC region.


To adapt technology and innovation by moving away from conventional methods under which until now, sales of roller bearings have been traditionally transacted. The new transformative operation is reflected in the best online shopping experience which we have recently introduced. This is achievable through the use of our smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and secure payment methods and prompt delivery.


We believe that success in any company can only be achieved if every employee understands and supports the objectives which the company and each individual in it is striving to attain. These objectives are not necessarily all of equal importance and at different times some may require more attention than others.


To increase profitability and earnings each year by improving our added value through increased efficiency.

To continue to sell products of high quality and give the utmost consideration to the needs and interest of our customers.

To pay the best wages and salaries we can afford and to ensure job satisfaction for all employees through enlightened management.

To give employees maximum freedom of action and to encourage them to make the fullest of it so that they personally influence profits.

To train and develop all employees and to promote from within whenever possible.



The company is wholly owned by Philbert Alexander Jumbe and his wife, Berny.Its business is carried out under the direct supervision of Philbert Alexander Jumbe whose experience in the distribution of roller bearings spans over a period of more than four decades. 

Phil’s experience, involvement in civic matters and qualifications among others, include the following:

  • •Diploma of Competence in Bearing Technology
  • •Bachelor of Accounting Science(UNISA,S.A)
  • •Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK)
  • •Associate Member of Global Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK)
  • •MSc Strategic Business Management with Merit (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
  • •Past Chairperson, Education and Development Committee, Institute of Directors, Zimbabwe.
  • •Past President and Honorary Life Member of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce
  • •Honorary Life Member of the Zimbabwe Association for the Welfare of Children
  • •Honorary Life member of the Jairos Jiri Association (for the disabled).

His roller bearing experience spans over three decades. In 1982,Zimbabwe Bearings entered into a Distributorship Agreement with the world-renowned , FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schafer of Schweinfurt, Germany , for the distribution of FAG roller bearings in Zimbabwe earning entrance into ‘FAG Service on Five Continents’.

 Zimbabwe Bearings imported its requirements for roller bearings from FAG until the latter Changed to FAG/INA , its newly assumed name after re-organisation of the group in Germany. 



Lazaros Chenjerayi Magaya, the Marketing Manager holds degrees in Bachelor of Science (Management) and Master of Science in Development Studies both obtained from the Women University in Africa, Zimbabwe. He has 14 years past experience in Procurement, Marketing and Accounting having served under various organisations in South Africa, Zambia and now, Zimbabwe.


Ms Muchenjekwa qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree in Marketing Management from the Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe , and serves as Marketing Assistant. Prior to joining the company, Ms Muchenjekwa was an automotive parts salesperson culminating in her rising to the position of Branch Manager.


Mrs Zihumo holds the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science obtained from the Bindura University of Science and Education, Zimbabwe. An IT specialist, she has two years’ work experience in the Information Technology disciplines. She is in-charge of Zimbabwe Bearings, Bindura Branch, where she deals in roller bearings, computer accessories and stationery.



Zimbabwe Bearings entered into an Authorised Distributorship Agreement with FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schafer of Schweinfurt, Germany, for the distribution of FAG roller bearings in Zimbabwe; earning a listing on its ‘ FAG Service on Five Continents’.


 Accepted as a Barter Trading Partner in Zimbabwe.


Won a Gold Medal –Chinese Trading Partner.


Obtained a listing of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as a potential Bearing Manufacturer in Zimbabwe ( Targeting employment creation and generation of export earnings).


Won a German Commodity Import Programme (CIP) Tender for the supply of roller bearings to Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry.


Won a Gold medal at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Bulawayo (joint exhibitor in the German Pavilion).


In pursuit of its proposal, Zimbabwe Bearings had a project proposal for carrying out a feasibility study into the local manufacture of roller bearings in Zimbabwe sponsored by the EEC and executed by Ewbank Preece, a UK firm of consulting engineers.

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